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«You are not working on your body, you are working on changing your life.»

I didn't always start off as a coach; it took me years of working in the events industry to realize that my true calling lay in helping people lead healthier, more balanced lives, both in body and mind. I pursued numerous certified courses to achieve this, including becoming a 'Master Personal Trainer' at the Gottlob Institute in Germany. Later, I furthered my education as a Sports Health Practitioner at the Paracelsus School in Zurich and obtained certification in 'Functional Range Conditioning,' a system devised by Dr. Andreo Spina aimed at enhancing and strengthening joints.

After eight years of coaching, I developed my own method, which incorporates all the essential and effective elements for a holistic approach to client care.

I'm deeply passionate about empowering individuals to unlock their full potential and thrive in every aspect of their lives. As your coach, I am committed to guiding you to optimal health and well-being, ensuring every step is enjoyable and rewarding.

Let's embark on this transformative journey together. We will not only achieve your fitness goals but also cultivate a mindset of resilience and self-belief. Our collaboration will build a stronger, healthier you, inside and out.


It will surprise you to read this, but fitness was not always my passion. What?

For twelve years I was a club promoter in the international club scene and traveled the world. It was a great experience but after a decade of long, loud, and hectic nights, a burnout brought me down to earth. I realized I had to change my life radically. How to reach this goal? I immediately began to educate myself to become a trainer, changed my diet, and with the help of yoga and meditation, I learned to be more aware of myself and to reflect better.


Strong and healthy again, I have been working for five years with men and women who desire the change as much as I do: a new body, a new life. Because the world of fitness also has its limits, I am constantly expanding my knowledge. Training therapy, prevention, and rehabilitation are part of my personal coaching.

Your body is unique and reflects your life. That is why I do not offer an off-the-shelf training plan. I respond to your individual needs. Most of us have, for example, a weak neck, a crooked thoracic spine or bad postures due to the western sitting culture. To me, getting fit and healthy means supporting you in your history and giving you strength - the stronger and more mobile your body is, the more stable you are in life and you can achieve more than you might imagine now. I am ready for you. Are you ready too? 


  • Fitness, Functional Range Conditioning, Strength

  • Training therapy and health prevention

  • Strengthening of self-confidence to face life with power


  • Dr. Gottlob Institut Stuttgart: Training as a certified "Master Personal Trainer"

  • Paracelsus School Zurich: Training as a sports medicine practitioner

  • Functional Range Conditioning specialist

  • Spine therapy according to Dorn-Breuss

  • Sparkcycle Zurich: Training as "Indoor Cycling Instructor"

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